Campusifieds Web Design Review
Campusifieds Classifieds Web Design Review
Campusifieds is a unique website and concept. This classified ads website is only for college students from any university in the United States. In this day of targeted social networks, this site brings a popular service national.

The website includes a fully automated system with an administration system to oversee every part of the site. The administrator can edit or delete classifieds and memberships, as well as place banner ads on the site by section. The website is maintained and hosted by Maya Web Services.

A complete list of features we built:
  • Professional Web Design
  • Information Architecture
  • MySQL database driven classified ad system
  • Admin may add/edit/delete classifieds
  • Admin may add/edit/delete members as necessary
  • Complete membership system with ad posting and tracking
  • Members may upload up to 5 pictures with their classified ad
  • Contact Forms for general use and people interested in banner ads
  • Banner ad software - admin may place trackable ads in any section selected
P.S. Visit them. If you are a student, place an ad for free!

Visit Campusifieds.

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