PC Repair and Upgrades

Hardware Repair
Did your computer stop working for unknown reasons? Let us help get you back up and running with our expert computer repair services. We can come and do the repairs at your home or business or just pick it and bring it back when the repair is finished.

Agh! A Virus!
Computer viruses range from the merely annoying to the highly destructive. If you don't have anti-virus or anti-spyware software installed on your system, you need to contact us.

Hard Drive Recovery
Hard drive crash? Afraid you've lost data? You don't need to pay $1000 for a specialized data recovery service. Although there are times when your hard drive stops for physical reasons, it is often a software or operating system issue.

Can't play the newest game or use that best business or scientific software you need? Let us help you upgrade your computer system (or systems) and get you on the road to being more productive or having more fun.

Software Installation
You know how to use your system, but adding software gives you the willies? Don't worry about it - just contact us for help!

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