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Why should you have a website?

Every business should have a website - and every one of those websites should be well done. The truth of the matter is that many businesses do have websites, but only a fraction of them are well done or are even touching their potential.

The world wide web offers a stunning array of possibilities for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Read this page and our popular Benefits and Challenges pages.

Businesses can use the web as a way of not only presenting their products and services to their customers, but also to communicate and market directly with their customers and even attract new clients. Imagine this: you wake up in the morning ready to start the day. You check your website or email and you have new customers or orders. Or current customers decided to do additional business with you. All because of your website. And what did you do? Well, you were sleeping, but what you did do was invest in a properly developed website.

Organizations, especially non-profits that depend on donations, are also at a great advantage on the web. If you have products you sell to support your organization, you can increase the sales of those products by having a website to sell them on. You can accept donations on the web smoothly, and let supporters know how easy you will make it for them to be able to do this. You can let people who aren't familiar with your organization know everything about your cause, your history, and the people involved with you.

Individuals and families can also benefit a great deal. Perhaps you have something to say and want to let people know what you think. Maybe you just want to be able to upload photos and stay in contact with friends and family. You may not always have time during the week to connect with them, but manage to keep that connection through your website.

Or maybe you are an artist or business starting out and need something to build a marketing program to gain and keep customers.

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